Migraines Alleviated Testimonial

Name: Casey W

Why did you choose my practice?: To be honest, because my health insurance covered it and the practice is relatively close to my house.

Describe your experience with my practice?: I feel very well taken care of by your practice. I appreciate the holistic perspective and approach to wellbeing that you have and I feel that you have a genuine interest in my healing process. I feel very comfortable expressing my needs but also allowing you to guide my treatment.

What were the procedures you had and what happened?: Procedures: acupuncture, body adjustments, and moxibustion. So far these treatments have helped reduce and isolate the chronic migraine I experience. I have felt a reduction in overall physical tension and stress relief for sure.

What were you most impressed by during your treatment?: I think I was most impressed by your authenticity. No BS, and no pontificating, which one can at times come across in an alternative medicine experience. I also am impressed by how knowledgeable you are and your willingness to share.

What was the benefit you got from having your procedure done with me?: Less migraine and overall pain! I also feel like I’ve been able to get some lifestyle habits back on track with your guidance.

Would you recommend me to your friends and family and why?: Yeah duh. You are very skilled in your work and I think your willingness to adjust the treatment to a person’s needs would make this practice valuable for anyone.